LUSHmedia is a New York based Graphic Design Studio. We have been creating engaging, fresh design since 1996. We provide graphic services for all media and specialize in building and designing websites, brochures, catalogs, packages and branding. Our creative and versatile crew is a staff with diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives that gives LUSHmedia a synergy that makes us more than the sum of our parts.

LUSHmedia is committed to provide an intelligent, flexible, fully integrated service to meet your communication design needs. To every design problem, we bring the benefits of both innovative thinking, years of experience and most importantly our creativity.

BRANDING and identity

In a consumer driven society, designers are being asked to create a distinct visual image or campaign to identify and differentiate a particular brand or commodity to captivate the consumer. A unique identifiable look associated with a certain product makes the design, along with advertising, packaging, and direct mail, work.

Once the corporate identity has been created your logo is only as good as it’s implementation - stationery, letter head, business cards, packaging and/or advertising campaign – needs to be well thought out and properly executed to create brand awareness (and increased sales).


Collateral material (brochures, catalogs, press releases, annual reports, direct mail packages and package design) helps strengthen a company’s presentation and makes a powerful impression to current and prospective clients, it enhances the image and personality of your business. Collateral material is a business’s direct communication with their customers: these materials announce new products, special sales or reinforce brand awareness.

Collateral material conveys the following:

  1. It makes a good presentation of your company’s product or service.
  2. It tells a story about your company.
  3. It aids clients to understand your company’s business.
  4. It gives information on how to contact your company.

LUSHmedia excels in the design of catalogs, brochures, and other collateral material, and our designers have a keen awareness of advertising, marketing and sales that assists them in the creation of effective visual communication.


It should come as no surprise that constant advertising and promotions are essential keys to success in the modern business environment. LUSHmedia’s staff has years of experience in marketing, sales and advertising in print production. Because of our expertise in a variety of disciplines, we are successful in coordinating a company’s visual identity with it’s marketing. From designing a single advertisement, to developing an entire campaign, LUSHmedia will be able to meet your needs.


A web site is a powerful tool to enhance your company’s identity and presence, but it only works if it is current. Faced with the difficulty of just getting a site up on the web, maintaining one on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis can seem like an overwhelming and expensive task. With so many different studios offering an array of competing methods and technologies, it can feel like you need to become an expert in the field just to make a few simple choices.

LUSHmedia’s mission is to cut through the confusion and offer a multi-faceted solution tailored to your specific needs. We aren’t affiliated with any particular hardware, technology or design principle, and can guide you though the process of choosing whichever is most effective for you. We have a complete staff of designers, programmers, and systems administrators that work together and understand how their tasks interrelate.

LUSHmedia offers a distinctive blend of customized graphic and web design services that will enhance your company’s image. Your web site is the public face of your company, and you will be judged by its appearance, content and performance. From a minor redesign to a completely new web site, we can provide the solution that matches your needs.

We can not stress enough that an effective web site is much more involved than just a few pages on the web: pre-design, strategic planning, design, implementation, promotion, maintenance and support. Our team will spend the time to explain, advise and help you at every step, so your site comes out exactly the way you want it.

Any design team can build a site that looks good on the computers in their studio, but LUSHmedia’s focus in on the rest of the web. While one of our primary goals is attractive design, we understand the importance of keeping design in check with the capabilities of the target audience.

We design web sites that look great, make good use of the technologies available, and yet remain compatible with the wide range of browsers used by the internet community today. To achieve this, we design web sites that are fast loading and compatible with all major browsers, thus ensuring the maximum target audience possible. Where an advanced web technology is used, such as Flash, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML, we strive to use it in such a way that does not exclude visitors who are not yet up to date.

The strength of the internet, after all, is the power of universal communication. We see the restrictions imposed by the web as strengths, not weaknesses, challenging us to find new and innovative ways to make friendly, interactive and attractive web sites that people will want to return to again and again.


Beyond the designed face of a basic web site can lie a matrix of programming supplying the site with features like dynamic content to keep it fresh and the browsing experience personal. Programming can change your web site depending upon who’s looking at it, such as to say “welcome back”. Programming can provide security protocols to provide multi-tiered web sites with varying degrees of private and public content.

Programming can validate user-entered information, such as E-mails and phone numbers in any submitted forms, reducing the errors and red herrings you receive. Programming can also provide you with features like searches, automated mailing lists, live feedback, and anything else you can imagine.

LUSHmedia speaks many programming languages, such as PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, ECMAScript, etc. Because LUSHmedia is not married to any one language or development environment, we can choose the tools that best work for your needs, in the most efficient manner. We are also aware that everything we know will be obsolete in the not too distant future, and are constantly learning and adapting to new languages and strategies.